Are You Using the Right Toothbrush?

Most of us are concerned about our oral health and this is why we brush out teeth regularly and visit our dentists as often as possible. However, most of the time, we tend to forget that oral care doesn’t end with just having to brush your teeth on a daily basis. It’s definitely more than that.

toothbrush and toothpaste

The truth is dental and oral care being an essential part in our overall health includes having to choose the right toothbrush for you. This is why popular advertisements that you see on TV has to do with the various engineered toothbrushes which can address the various oral and dental health issues that people encounter everyday of their lives. These days, toothbrushes are as advanced as some of the top recurve bows out there from Martin, OMP, or Samick.

This just means that choosing the right toothbrush for you is essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy all the time. Some of the categories that you may have encounter when buying toothbrushes from the supermarket includes hard and soft bristles, curved heads, orthodontic toothbrushes and even the ones which have tongue cleaners built on them.

The variety of toothbrushes may range from those which are specifically made for kids and for adults, as well as, those which have additional features which are focused on providing more convenience to the person using it.

The first thing that you may want to consider to make sure that you purchase the right toothbrush for you is the sensitivity of your gums. If you feel like your gums is sensitive to pressure, it is better that you opt for manual toothbrushes instead of the battery operated ones as you can easily control a manual toothbrush without having to hurt your gums.

When it comes to sensitivity, you may as well consider the type of bristles when purchasing your toothbrush. It is recommended that you use a toothbrush with softer bristles to prevent damaging your gums.

What you have to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right toothbrush for you is that you should be comfortable in using it regularly. If you feel that your toothbrush is causing that much discomfort to your teeth and gums, you should switch to another option.

It is not healthy for the gums to experience abrasions caused by using the wrong toothbrush. Since you are already investing your time and money for oral and dental care, it is best that you choose the right products that will help keep your teeth and gums free from oral diseases.

Why Visiting Your Dentist is Important

Although people are aware that it is more expensive to take advantage of medical and dental care nowadays, it is still important that we prioritize these two and avail yourself of such benefits if possible. Knowing that there are a lot of things to consider paying for aside from the usual bills that you get, you should still consider visiting your dentist as often as needed.

Do not avoid going to your dentist just because you have a lot of things to do or you have plenty of tasks to accomplish. If you manage your time effectively, you can surely schedule an appointment with your dentist and have your teeth checked. You may have different alibis such as you need to mow your lawn or you can’t leave your pet alone. Well, the answer to these alibis is that you can have somebody else take care of the lawn mowing and make use of pet containment systems to keep your pet safe from harm while you are on way to your dentist (there are even special deals on…we’ve done the home work for you! No excuses, just visit a site like!).

Why Visit the Dentist

Even if you find yourself challenged in visiting a dentist just because you are worried about a lot of things or you don’t find the dental procedures comfortable for you at all, you should still visit your dentist regularly. You can do this at least every 6 months to prevent your teeth from encountering possible tooth decay issues which can be problematic if not addressed as soon as possible.

Since you eat food on a daily basis and your meals are as often as 3 times a day, you should keep your teeth and gums clean all the time. You definitely don’t want bacteria building up inside your mouth causing other health and digestion issues in the future. Such bacteria and plaque are known reasons for tooth cavity build up. If your ordinary toothpaste, tooth brush and mouthwash can’t cover this, you really have to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Possible Diseases

If you refuse to visit your dentist this often, chances are you will be suffering from various gum diseases that will not only attack the teeth but the gums as well. And since your teeth and mouth are part of your digestive system, chances are this will affect your digestion as well.

Do not let affordability and availability prevent you from taking advantage of dental care. As much as any other health care procedure that you go through to keep your body fit, you should as well consider giving importance to oral care. Overall wellness is the key to achieving good health.


Your Everyday Dental and Hair Grooming Tips

Taking care of your body is essential as this will help you grow as an individual and keep you healthy all the time. Health is very important and it doesn’t only include food and lifestyle. You will as well have to consider your overall hygiene to achieve an overall healthy well-being.

When it comes to hygiene, there are a lot of things to consider. But two of the most popular things that people are concerned about nowadays have to do with oral care and hair grooming.

You don’t really have to acquire various products when it comes to oral hygiene and hair grooming. You’ll just have to stick with the basics and try to make it a habit not to forget about it even if you are in a hurry.

Your Dental Routine

Electric ToothbrushOral care is as much important as taking care of other parts of your body. Every time you wake up, the first thing that you need to make sure is that you took out all the bad bacteria multiplying at the back of your tongue while you are asleep.

Make sure that you brush your teeth as frequent as you take in meals. It is also essential that you cleanse your teeth and gums with dental floss and mouth wash to freshen. This dental routine though doesn’t have to stop there. It is also essential that you maintain the strength of your teeth by visiting your dentist as often as needed.

Since food is the most obvious culprit of the growing number of dental problems nowadays, you will as well have to take note of the food that you are eating. Your food intake should be mostly healthy foods and you must do away with ones that are known for its high sugar content.

Hair Grooming

beard groomingIf you think that women are the only ones concerned about their hair, you are wrong. Men as well find it important for them to keep their hair shiny and trimmed at all times as well as make sure that their facial hair is also well maintained, which is why sites such as have started popping up all over the place..

For grooming your hair you will have to choose the right shampoo that fits your type of skin. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that contains less irritants to prevent your scalp from irritation. If you will use hair sprays or hair dyes, opt for the ones recommended for sensitive skin to protect your scalp. Now, for men who grow facial hair, making use of grooming tools such as beard trimmers and nose hair trimmers will help maintain that good looking man in you.

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Hate Flossing? The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is here to help!

brushing isn't enough, you need to floss

Brushing isn’t enough! You need to floss regularly.

All dentists know that very few people floss the way or the amount that they should. All too often, patients will come in and when we floss for them, their gums will bleed a lot and they’ll tell us about how they just started to do it again or something to that effect. The problem is, gums that are healthy don’t bleed when flossed!

This isn’t just one of those things dentists tell you. Actually floss twice each day for 30 days and by the end of that month, you will see less and less blood until it no longer bleeds. I had someone who was sure he would never stop bleeding when he came to the dentist. He flossed every day for a few months before his checkup and was amazed that the neither the instruments nor the floss we gave him made his gums bleed. It’s actually just that simple.

Now, the biggest reasons why people don’t floss is because it’s annoying, they hate it, their gums bleed, it’s unpleasant, and it’s so easy to cut out of your routine, especially if you have brushed your teeth already. Our goal is to get people flossing more for a healthier smile, and one of the greatest tools we have come across is the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser.

What’s so great about this Waterpik?

You may not have heard of them before, but water flossers are excellent tools that utilize pressurized water to clean between your teeth and under your gums – very much similar to regular old dental floss, but without the string to deal with.

We find that people much more enjoy the pleasant and easy stream of water that takes care of the particles than they do actually flossing, and therefore they’re likely to do it more often. Anything that makes a good habit easier to keep is a winner in our books. Ideally, these units are used in conjunction with dental floss to get complete coverage (along with brushing your teeth and using mouth wash), but even with just this unit alone, Waterpik has shown that their products are more effective than flossing alone for preventing various gum problems.

How can I fit it into my routine?

Well, the Ultra, which we reference here, is a counter top model, so as long as you’ve got the room, it will always be right there ready and waiting for you to use. It only takes about a minute to do a full pass, it’s really easy, and you will love the way your mouth feels afterwards – more fresh and clean than brushing and mouthwash. Once you do it a few times (which, naturally, takes a concerted effort, but you will get there), you’ll never want to go a day without it.

Another great feature about Waterpik is that they make it fun for the whole family to get into good dental health habits. They even have a water flosser specifically designed for kids. It gets amazing reviews, just like the regular version, and will help your children start the basis of a healthy mouth.

We only recommend products that we think are beneficial to people, and if you aren’t flossing already, this is a great way to join the ranks of people with truly healthy mouths. Please go learn more and consider buying one yourself, or contact us to find out more and let us know how we can help you.
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Root Canals: A Painful Explanation

root canal x rayMillions of people globally are treated with tooth related infections annually. This means, many people lack the basic knowledge on how to take care of their teeth. Many people rarely visit a dentist for a comprehensive dental check up and advice. While this remains the case, a lot still needs to be done to create awareness among the masses on what ought to be done for proper dental care ranging from what type of tooth brushes and toothpastes are best suited for effective tooth care and protection.

There are several types of tooth related problems, and for each there is appropriate medical procedure for treatment. Some of the tooth diseases include dental cavities, periodontal diseases, tooth decay and among others. Dentists have different areas of specialization depending on the type of tooth disease or problem; however, some dentists generally treat any type of dental diseases. While it is always advisable to visit a dentist at least every three months, some people care the less and neglect their own tooth health and consequently accumulate tooth related diseases, which otherwise could have been treated earlier in time.

What is a Root Canal?

Basically, root canal is the part of the tooth covering the pulp which is the softer inner part of the tooth and usually supplied by blood capillaries for tooth nourishment. However, in this context, we shall look at root canal as dentistry related to the medical procedure or treatment of the pulp of the tooth. Sometimes, we one can experience a deeper damage to the tooth and not just the superficial decay of the enamel. Pulp is a soft tissue inside the root canal supplied by blood capillaries. An inflammation of this soft tissue if left untreated can cause a lot of pain and even lead to a more serious case referred to as an abscess. The medical procedure for treating damage to the pulp cavity is referred to as endodontic procedure or treatment. A person specializing in this type of treatment is referred to as endodontist.

Why is necessary to carry out root canal (endodontic) procedure?

Just like any other medical or treatment procedure, endodontic treatment is necessary to fix a bad tooth. Root canal treatment is usually carried out when the pulp gets sore, inflamed or infected. Causes may include extensive and deep tooth decay, a crack on the tooth or subsequent dentist procedures on a particular tooth. Any of these cases would require an endodontist to carry out root canal check up. An endodontist will always clean the inside of the tooth canal and seals it with tooth cement. After this procedure, one is required to make subsequent visits for comprehensive check up on the healing process. After a few days or weeks, a new crown is always placed on the healed tooth to restore it to full functions.

Is endodontic procedure painful and it worth the procedure?

Well, every medical procedure is always a means to achieving an end which is usually full recovery of a patient. The same goes for endodontic procedure. With modern treatment aesthetics, endodontic procedure is not painful but perhaps after treatment is when a patient can feel some painful sensitivity due to some injections carried out during the procedure.

Video Explaining and Showing a Root Canal


Effective Brushing Techniques [VIDEO]

This video offers an in-depth look at how to brush your teeth and includes in depth pictures, including x rays and specific parts of the mouth. Remember, learning why you should do something often helps you do the how better.

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How to brush your teeth effectively

brush your teethTaking care of one’s teeth is not a question of  making them look shinny or perhaps glossy but it also involves a much more comprehensive care than what many could  possibly be doing like visiting a dentist every month. Today, there are a number of both herbal/natural dental care pastes as well medicated ones.  While we  appreciate and perhaps  acknowledge the advancement of technology and especially in dentistry, people ought to have at their fingertips the best dental practices pertaining to brushing one’s teeth in the most effective way. Well, what then is the best way imaginable on how to brush the teeth effectively? Hereafter are a number of ways advised by top dentists in the practice today and which have been tested and proven to be 100% effective dental care routines.

Use a good toothbrush

From the onset, the practice of dentistry advises on the need to own a good toothbrush that will not only make one’s teeth shinny but also remove the dirt beneath and between the enamel. A good toothbrush should not be too hard to bruise the teeth gum or too soft to sooth the teeth. A good toothbrush should have aerated bristles that will penetrate in between the teeth and clean all the dirt while cleaning the enamel at the same time. Whether an electronic toothbrush or manual toothbrush is used, this is a vital issue to take into consideration. Of importance to note is that, one should replace  his or her toothbrush regularly like  every month to achieve good results. Toothbrushes, which are used for a long time tend to hide microbes within the bristles, and this can be dangerous to a healthy tooth. One should also remember to brush around the teeth to eliminate any bacteria which might be hiding between the enamel.

Using fluoride toothpaste

Toothpastes come in different types with the most advisable being fluoride toothpastes. Fluoride toothpastes are not only for cleaning the enamel, and around the teeth or by extension the mouth at large, fluoride toothpaste help strengthen the enamel and keep the teeth healthy and stronger. Today, toothpastes are also coming in a different form such as herbal toothpastes, but it is always important to seek the advice of a dentist is reading the product labels would not be very informative on what type of toothpaste is the best.

Using dental floss

Flossing one’s teeth is just as important as brushing itself; however, it should be noted that some dental floss are irritating and should be avoided should such a case be detected. The use of dental floss often precedes brushing as it serves to eliminate any food particles, bacteria or microbes that could be trapped in between the teeth. Dental pick or as they are popularly known tooth picks should be utilized in cases where dental floss proves ineffective.

Spend enough time brushing

Bad breath can be both irritating and embarrassing. Well, it is always important to brush one’s teeth for about three minutes. Areas like the tongue should be gently brushed as well as the molars which tend to hide much of the food particles trapped in between the teeth. This has been proven as effective teeth care method.